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Dual Action Bits and Snaffle Bits for Horses, Cobs & Ponies

Denney Equestrian has a big passion for horses.

For optimum performance your horse needs to enjoy the riding experience in a stress free manner.

Denney Dual Action Bits give the rider superior control whilst ensuring maximum comfort for the horse.

Choose our Denney Equestrian Horse Bits for providing optimum equine performance whilst affording maximum stress free comfort to the horse.

Our patented range of equine Bits are designed to provide maximum comfort for your horse through our unique two-piece sprung side cheeks. They have been developed to not only benefit your horse but to enhance your equine performance, whatever your discipline.

Our unique Dual Action Bit has been developed as a snaffle/plain cheek, whilst retaining a mild curb action. Our Snaffles are available with a single joint mouth piece or French Link in a wide range of sizes.

All our bits are suitable for both riding and driving, designed and assembled in the UK. Our bits have been manufactured to the highest standards from the finest quality stainless steel.

The Denney Bits page gives full information on how the bits work and we hope to have answered your questions in the FAQ page where you can also send us your query.

Denney Dual Action and Snaffle Bits have been tried and tested on a wide range of ridden horses and ponisies wil excellent improvements in their ridden work.

We supply a range of Stable Hygiene and Drug-Free Pain Relief Products for both horse & rider.