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Below is a list of common questions asked by horse riders. Click on each tab to view more details. If you have a question please click here – we will endeavour to answer it and if suitable will add it to the list.

Denney Dual Action Fixed Curb Hooks Bit
Dual action bits work with a single rein, they mimic a double bridle by having two signals at the same time allowing pressure to be felt on the mouth but with very little on the poll or chin, if the rider, or more importantly the horse increases that pressure then the two parts of the side cheeks are drawn apart against spring tension. This lifts the curb chain placing a firmer contact on the chin (without a significant increase in poll pressure) this releases as soon as either the horse or rider softens. This ability to have two signals at the same time causes a relaxation of the jaw promoting salvation which in turn results in a more relaxed horse. The advantage over conventional bits is the fact that the horse very quickly learns the much clearer signals, in effect they teach themselves. They are fitted with a gently curved mouthpiece angled upwards 15deg to allow for tongue room to allow the horse to swallow, essential for a relaxed way of going.
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Denney Dual Action Loose Curb Hooks Bits
Dual Action Loose Curb Hooks Bits  are both suitable for riding and driving. These bits are fitted with more traditional hooks on the inner side cheek, headstall loops, the rest of the bit is very similar to the Dual Action Fixed Curb Hooks Bits but with a slightly stronger action. They retain the built in shock absorbing making them a very horse friendly alternative to a traditional curb bit, The mouthpiece on these bits is inclined upwards by 15deg to allow maximum tongue room.
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Denney Snaffle Bits
Denney Snaffle Bits  are designed for maximum comfort for your horse through our unique 2-piece sprung side cheeks. The springs are housed in a casing at the bottom of the side cheek piece.
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How do I order a Denney Dual Action or Snaffle Bit for a size not listed?

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How should I put he Curb Chain on?

The curb chain on the Denney Dual Action Fixed and Loose Curb Hooks Bits should be fitted with approximately a finger width gap between the chain and the chin this allows around 15 decrees of rotation before the chain contacts the chin.
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Can the springs be changed and how long do they last?

Yes the springs are easily replaced by undoing the 4mm Allen screws at the back of the housings; the springs can be expected to last around 5 to 10 years depending on use.

How long do I need to wait for delivery?

We will always endeavour to send your order for standard sizes the next day when funds are cleared and providing your required size is in stock. UK delivery is by Royal Mail Special Delivery, other locations are delivered via Royal Mail International Signed For.
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Can I cancel my order?

Yes, providing it hasn't been shipped. Please contact us with your order number requesting a cancellation. We will respond via email to confirm the order is cancelled.
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Can I return my order for a refund?

Yes. Providing they are returned within 28 days of receipt, and are undamaged. We will retain a £45.00 GBP restocking charge per item. We reserve the right to refuse returns if the goods are received in a damaged condition.
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Can I exchange all or part of my order?

Yes provided goods are returned within 28 days in an undamaged condition exchange is free, Postage charges will apply at the normal rates for your area. Please enclose a copy of your customer order number and state the reason for exchange.
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