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With a conventional bit, pressure put on the reins is felt much like a gradual rise in pressure on the bars with no distinct point to indicate the right amount to the horse. Dual Action Bits, with the reins fitted to the top slots, allow pressure to be felt on the bars. This results in very little pressure on the curb chain.

At appr 6lbs, the out side-cheek will rotate around the pivot point, lifting the curb chain. This provides a very different signal. This also, via the pivot point, moves the mouthpiece downwards and backwards. The curb chain releases as soon as the horse softens or the rider ‘gives’ with their hands. This unique feature of producing two different signals enables the horse to find the comfort zone very quickly through gentle encouragement of force.

The side-cheeks are independent, helping to give a clear signal to the relevant side of the horse’s mouth when asking for bend. The reins, when fitted on the lower slots (where applicable) still maintains the ‘on and off’ curb actions, but slightly quicker.


Correct Fitting is important to ensure maximum comfort for your horse.

Snaffles with jointed mouthpieces are available in 1/2 inch increments and are fitted in the same way as conventional bits. The spring housings on our snaffles act as a balance to ensure the bit lies at the correct angle in the horse’s mouth.

Dual Action Fixed Curb Hooks and Dual Action Loose Curb Hooks Bits are fitted with mouthpieces that are available in 1/4 inch increments with three sizes of shank: pony, with a single rein slot from 41/4 inch to 5 inch. Cob, with two rein slots from 41/4 inch to 6 inch. Horse, with two rein slots from 5 inch to 6 inch. For sizes not listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Dual Action Bits are designed to rotate around 15 degrees before the springs compress. To ensure this happens, fit the curb chain approximately one finger width gap between the chain and the chin. This allows the correct rotation while maintaining tongue room, essential for a relaxed way of going.

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CARE & MAINTENANCEDual Action Bit | Denney Equestrian Ltd

Our bits are made to a high standard from top quality stainless steel and designed to give many years of service. If necessary, the springs can be removed by using a 4mm Allen key, for periodic cleaning.

After use, the bits should be washed and dried, to maintain the finish. Occasionally, lightly oiled inside the spring housing and the pivot between the two side cheeks. Light oil is adequate for this eg: clipper oil. Do not oil the mouthpiece.