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My brilliant boy in your brilliant bit ....... winning the BE100 at Northallerton on Sunday (27April 2013).

Thank you so much for the bit.
It is just brilliant!

Jill Williams

Jill Williams | Denney Equestrian Ltd

When I got him he continually threw his head in the air.

Now going beautifully. He is still very novice, and has only been to a few competitions yet.

Thank you, Virginia Jones

Virginia Jones Denney Dual Action Pony Fixed Curb Hooks Bit Australia 2012 | Denney Equestrian Ltd

I have just attached some pictures of us using your brilliant bit. I bought it last year after major out of control problems and wanted to thank you so much for this.

We've tried lots of other bits, combination bits, mylers and so on, and this ticks all the right boxes for us. As I now have control whilst doing show jumping and I have been able to move up to Novice.

I am always being asked what the bit is, so now I carry round in the truck details of your website! Joe Whittaker rode my horse at a clinic last year and was very impressed too!

Thank you - Jill Williams

Jill Williams | Denney Equestrian LtdJill Williams | Denney Equestrian Ltd

Hi my name is John Simpson id like to congratulate you on the creation of the new bit.
Susie Gibson BSJA coach of the year 2011 coaches me at her yard, Susie loaned me a bridle with the new bit attached after my horse snapped her bridle just before a recent lesson.

The difference in my horse was to say the least amazing! Normally my horse gets tense then I start to get tense, a combination of both rider and horse getting tense results in the horse shaking her head and generally being unhappy in her work. I have to stop riding, stroke her ear and calm her down before continuing with the lesson.

With the new bit I get no head shaking because my horse doesn't have that tension in her mouth, I can feel if I'm putting too much pressure on her mouth with this new system, plus my coach can also see from the ground if I'm applying too much pressure as the bit actually moves back and forth.

My horse loves it - John Simpson

"This bit has been a wonder bit with Acorado .

The action of the bit suits him really well and he is happier doing his job.

He feels a lot better when jumping and has a better way of going".

Dale Burnham


"Since using the Denney dual action bit from the middle of season 2006 my fell pony has really improved,i had tried various other bits but nothing seemed to suit him and he resisted quite badly especially on right turns,he is now great to steer which has helped tremendously in cones and obstacles(only hitting 1 cone down in the 5 events he has been in your bit) and we are getting better obstacle times,his dressage has also improved in that he is now not throwing his head up during every movement to the right."

Susan Don